If you take three random websites but similar niches from Google and try to get a quote for all, you’ll receive different prices. No two websites are coincidentally the same unless done purposely.
For small to medium-sized companies, especially those starting with no websites, understanding the cost of a site might be tricky. Here we’ll try to break things down to help you get the hang of it.
What am I spending my money on?
Many factors come into play when settling on a price for your website; below are things most digital and bed development agencies look out for when selecting a website.

What is your goal for creating the site?

Your brand
Your type of clients
The services or goods your site would be offering
How long the site would stand
People it would appeal to, and what do they expect to see
The requirements needed to convert leads etc.


What features could the site possess?
Number of pages
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Technical SEO
Database functionality etc.


Other things to consider
Type of host (hosting plan, hosting location)
Framework the site would be built on
UI/UX design
Amount of content and type
Occasional management
Type of devices that will access the site
Social media integration
How often the design would be updated
Future plan to build an app

Predicting the price

Typically, these are the industry standards price for the websites below and the features they contain.


For websites less than $1,000 (less than 500,000NGN)
-Websites within this range are often temporary or websites that would be upgraded soon.

– 5 Pages
– They appear to be “home-grown” and sacrifice professionality.
-Limited functionality
-You’ll provide your content
These low-end sites are often built on “DIY” sites like and Blogspot.


Websites at $1,000 -$5,000 (500,000NGN – 2,500,000NGN)
-Professionality and responsive design are emphasized.
-Ideal sites for businesses who want to portray competence and reliability.
-These sites are often used during advertisements.
-Tackles the groundwork of SEO, sites likely to appear on major Search Engines.
-Professional contents
-Social media integration
-The best design available

-includes a professional view
-Professional content with plenty to unlimited reviews.
-Over five pages.
-Suitable SEO activities like

-Keyword research, siloing, basic backlinking, etc
-Lead generating content
-Top-notch social media integration, including social media feed.


Sites between $5,000 – $15,000 (2,500,000NGN – 7,500,000NGN)
-Includes features above
-Top-notch SEO activities, Tier 1 and 2 backlinks, internal linking, -keyword cannibalisation

-checking, SEO audit, speed integration, and site security.
-AMP integration
-FAQs section
-SEO and PPC campaign.


These aren’t often the case, like we stated, no two sites are the same. Contact us below to get a quote.